What’s New

Version: 1.2.7

  • UI: New – We created a specific Dyslexia font.
  • AI Fix: Wave Test Function Updated
  • UI: CSS Widget Fixes

Important: After Updating to 1.2.7 you need to visit the Plugin Settings page and click “Save Settings“.

Version: 1.2.6

  • UI: New – Highlight Links Option

  • UI: New – Dyslexia Friendly Mode

Important: After Updating to 1.2.6 you need to visit the Plugin Settings page and click “Save Settings“.

Version: 1.2.5

  • UI: New – Invert Colors Option

  • UI: New – Saturate Colors Option

Version: 1.2.4

  • Panel: New Design

  • Panel: New Option to Choose the Toggle icon Color

  • CSS: Fixed Right Image disappearing

  • CSS: Fix for Black & White Widget

  • CSS: Added Black & White compatibility with Elementor Builder plugin

  • Optimization: Optimized images
  • Function: JS Totally Reconstructed
  • Settings: Jquery Cookie script option has been removed

Previous Versions

  • Panel: Custom Accessibility Statement Support

  • Panel: Reset Settings Button

  • WAVE: Added HTML Notification when the Website is Scanned by Wave

  • Panel: Option to Move Floating Panel to the Right

  • Function: Fix for Broken ARIA Menu

  • API: Option to Report only Errors or Errors and Alerts

  • Function: Compatibility for ERROR: WP_Mail Has Been Declared
  • Function: Option to Keep Decorative Images
  • API: Report Notification can be send to Email
  • API: Added Reporting System with API
  • Function: Search & Replace Module for Advanced Users
  • Function: Fix Empty Links
  • Function: Fix Empty Images Alternatives Tags
  • Function: Fix Empty Headings
  • Function: Added Auto Generated Accessibility Document
  • Function: Remove Noscript Elements
  • Function: Remove Target _blank Attributes
  • Function: Align Left All Justified Text
  • Function: Remove Autoplay Attributes
  • Function: Option to Remove Cookies Script in Case that Already Exists
  • Panel: Accessibility Floating Panel Added