ADA Relief Features

Easy & Beautiful Dashboard

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ADA Compliance Features

AI based Html Corrections

Coding Corrections

  • Language Attributes

  • Alt Attributes
  • Empty Links
  • Empty Headings
  • Broken ARIA Menu

  • NoScripts

  • Autoplay Attributes

  • Justified Text

  • Target _Blank
interface adjust the website’s UI

Interface to Adjust
the Website’s UI

  • High Contrast Mode

  • Dark Contrast Mode

  • Monochrome Mode

  • Saturate Mode

  • Invert Colors

  • Highlight Links

  • Images Removal

  • Readable Font

  • Font Size Adjustment

  • Big Mouse Cursor

Dyslexia Friendly Mode

Around 10% of the people have dyslexia, a neurological disability that impairs a person’s ability to read and write. There is evidence that the presentation of the text has a significant effect on a text’s accessibility for people with dyslexia.

The new font is included at no additional cost in our AI-based User Interface and ensures brands provide an accessible digital experience that meets strict governmental and ADA regulations.

Compare Standard vs Our Dyslexia Font

Slide the ruler left and right to compare

dyslexia font beforedyslexia font after

Advanced Additional Functionality

  • Auto-generated Compliance Statement

  • Search & Replace Module (HTML Corrections on the Fly)

  • Advanced Compatibility with Specific Themes & Plugins

Weekly Automated Scans & Reports
in Your Mail Box


  • Missing Language
  • Missing Headings
  • Missing Images Alternatives Tags
  • Empty Links
  • Empty Headings
  • Missing or Empty Form Labels


  • Headings Logical Order
  • Justified Text
  • NoScript Elements
  • Ambiguous Link Anchor Texts
  • Target _Blank Attributes
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