ADA Relief Features

Easy & Beautiful Dashboard

Find All the Settings Easily and Customize the Plugin to your Website Needs


ADA Compliance Features

AI based Html Corrections

Coding Corrections

  • Language Attributes

  • Alt Attributes
  • Empty Links
  • Empty Headings
  • Broken ARIA Menu

  • NoScripts

  • Autoplay Attributes

  • Justified Text

  • Target _Blank
interface adjust the website’s UI

Interface to Adjust
the Website’s UI

  • High Contrast Mode

  • Dark Contrast Mode

  • Monochrome Mode

  • Images Removal

  • Readable Font

  • Font Size Adjustment

  • Big Mouse Cursor

Advanced Additional Functionality

  • Auto-generated Compliance Statement

  • Search & Replace Module (HTML Corrections on the Fly)

  • Advanced Compatibility with Specific Themes & Plugins

Weekly Automated Scans & Reports
in Your Mail Box


  • Missing Language
  • Missing Headings
  • Missing Images Alternatives Tags
  • Empty Links
  • Empty Headings
  • Missing or Empty Form Labels


  • Headings Logical Order
  • Justified Text
  • NoScript Elements
  • Ambiguous Link Anchor Texts
  • Target _Blank Attributes
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